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Frequently and not-so-frequently asked questions.

How long did it take you to write Original Sin?

I wrote Original Sin while I was still working full time and sometimes even during working hours (naughty me :P) and the first draft took me three years to complete.  From concept to final draft, it took approximately four and a half years.  Writing almost full time, it took only four months to write the first draft of Dire Conditions.

What is your next book about?


(My seven year old niece asked this question - so proud!)

Dire Conditions, is about a young woman who is kidnapped and left stranded in the Australian outback.  She has to survive not just her would be killer, but the harsh conditions of the Outback as well.  

How do you learn what you write about? Do you do research?


I absolutely do a lot of research on some really random subjects and my browser history definitely makes me look like some weird psycho - I googled the differences between  for Rohynol and chloroform for Dire Conditions.  And I have some very morbid and bizarre conversations with some medical professional friends. I love learning new and not necessarily 'normal' things.

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