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Do we care about the author?

  SJ’s parents sold her to a mad scientist when she was just three days old and she was raised mostly by the lab mice.  She credits this upbringing for her passion for hard to pronounce cheeses.

    She has always loved writing, and for most of her life was an extremely dedicated writer for approximately five days out of every year, however after a tumour - that she christened Earnest - was discovered and successfully removed, writing became a full time commitment.

   SJ Eeles has written a screenplay, three feature length plays and several short ones, a 12 episode radio play, some truly awful short stories and some not too bad ones.

   Original Sin is her third novel (if you count the one she started when she was 15), but the first she has finished.  The others remain in the ever growing Drawer of Unfinished Projects.

   She has worked as a stand up comic, a bad waitress and lied on most of her resumes.  She continues to write from the couch of any friend who accepts payment in babysitting duties.  Dire Conditions, her second novel is being released in March.  

Tinder says she’s 37.


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Coming May 2020
Dire Conditions
Karen De Lacy is a wealthy socialite in love with her shallow life, but when she is abducted, she finds herself in a deadly game of survival, not just against her
would-be killer, but the hostile Outback itself.